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This Forum is a place where we discuss technical issues that arise in numerical simulations of materials. Each contribution is intended to explain how a method works, or to illustrate a computational problem and its solution, usually by providing numerical examples and source codes.

Title date file access Description Publication
MadSum 08/08/2004 [matlab codes] Elastic energy of dislocation dipole in anisotropic medium under periodic boundary conditions [bug fixed 12/20/2004] Phys. Rev. Lett. 86, 5727 (2001). Philos. Magazine A 83, 539 (2003).
MD++ 12/12/2004 [C++ codes] Atomistic simulation package with convenient script input and on-line visualization [new release 10/7/2006] Computer Simulations of Dislocations
NSDD 04/18/2005 [matlab codes] Non-singular continuum elasticity expressions for energy, stress and forces of straight dislocation segments J. Mech. Phys. Solids 54, 561 (2006).
DDLab 12/05/2005 [matlab codes] Matlab Dislocation Dynamics simulation [new release 2.3 10/29/2006] Computer Simulations of Dislocations
VarCalc 05/03/2006 [pdf notes] Short essay on variational calculus  
Entangle 07/18/2008 [C codes] Computing quantum entanglement between two qudits Phys. Rev. A 77, 052312 (2008).
Melting 12/08/2008 [wiki] Computing melting point from free energy Model. Sim. Mater. Sci. Eng. 16, 085005 (2008).
Aniso 04/12/2010 [matlab codes] Computing dislocation stress and force in anisotropic elasticity Model. Sim. Mater. Sci. Eng. 18, 045013 (2010).
Multipole 04/03/2012 [matlab codes] Computing dislocation stress field in anisotropic elasticity by multipole expansion Model. Sim. Mater. Sci. Eng. resubmitted (2012)
Eshelby 02/09/2018 [matlab codes] Computing eigenvalues of Eshelby tensor in isotropic and anisotropic medium resubmitted (2018)

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