Lecture Notes
  1. Introduction
  2. Fundamental Equations
  3. Graphical Representation
  4. Tension and Shear
  5. Plane Strain Tension
  6. Bending

  7. Torsion (Codes)

  8. Cylindrical Tube (Codes)

  9. Plane Strain

 10. Plane Strain II

 11. Limit Analysis

 12. Hardening Laws

 13. Crystal Plasticity

ME 342 Theory and Applications of Inelasticity


Theories of plasticity and fracture phenomena from both phenomenological and micromechanical viewpoints. Yield surface, flow rules, strain hardening models, and applications to creep. Plastic zone near crack tip. Linear fracture mechanics and other criteria for crack initiation and growth. Application to fatigue. Classical analytic solutions will be discussed together with numerical solutions of plane elastoplatic problems by Matlab. (This year we didn't get to Fracture.)

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