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If you wish, please send email to with Subject: DDLab, and I will include you in my email list when new release of DDLab is available.

For more details about the force calculation subroutines, please see "A non-singular continuum theory of dislocations", Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids, 54, 561 (2006). PDF file and corresponding Matlab codes are available at this link.



Release 2.3 (2006/10/29, Wei)
1. Added a few test cases and renamed a few files for consistency
2. Integrated with web site for the book Computer Simulations of Dislocations, Chapter 10.

Release 2.2
1. Bug fix since Release 1.1: function mindist change name to mindistcalc to avoid overlap with variable name mindist
2. Automatically compile SegSegForces.c before execution. This will significantly speed up force calculation. See dd3d.m.

Release 1.1